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New progress in tissue regeneration of dental implants by autologous platelet...









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4. problems and Prospects

At present, there are still some problems in the efficacy and clinical application of PRP. Some clinical and preclinical studies have found that PRP does not promote osteogenesis. The optimum conditions, the concentration release curve and the region of action of PRP need to be clarified. In addition, because there is no uniform standard for the preparation of PRP, different preparation methods and combination schemes will lead to some differences in platelet and growth factor concentrations, pH, activation process and growth factor release curves, which may also be the cause of some experimental results conflicting, different growth. The potential and synergistic effects of factor promoting vascular and neural regeneration need to be further explored. At present, the new generation of PRP products, such as platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and concentrated growth factor (CGF), have become a kind of regenerative therapy gradually. This review systematically reviews the clinical application and intrinsic mechanism of autologous PRP in peri-implant tissue regeneration, focusing on the historical status and new research progress of PRP, which is worthy of further exploration of its personalized treatment scheme.
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